My Ergodox keyboard


Figure 1: Pic taken with a myopic smartphone

A while ago I finished building my Ergodox keyboard. I didn't use a PCB nor a Teensy. Instead, I handwired the key matrix and built an ATMEGA32U4 based controller board (the same one the teensy 2.0 is based on so I can use existing firmwares). I mounted the diodes inside of the key switches to make the build cleaner. It was fun.

I used a laser cut 6mm transparent acrylic board for the main plate where the switches sit to avoid any kind of flexing and so it allows me to add a backlight in the future.

The spacer boards are 2mm black acrylic and the top and bottom layers are semi-hard plywood treated with liquified parafine and hot air to help it penetrate the wood.

Here's my version of TMK's firmware I use on my Ergodox. You can find my keymap there too.

Find here some random pics of the whole process.

I wasn't planning on posting these, so excuse the utter lack of quality.